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Why should you use React.js?

You must be wondering why you should use React.js. The use of JavaScript has increased in recent years, and we have multiple options available in the market, like Angular and Vue.js. So, why should you use React.js?

A brief history of React.js

React JS was created by Facebook(currently called Meta) in 2011 for their own use. In 2013 they released React JS as a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library.
At first, the developer community rejected it as React JS used Markup and JavaScript in a single file. However, as more developers experimented with it, a component-centric approach for separating concerns was embraced.

In 2014, Many large companies started to use React JS in their production environments. As of today, many companies like Airbnb, Netflix, Amazon, Udemy and more are using React JS.

React is light, fast and stable

React JS is a small library for the easy creation of user interfaces. Due to a unidirectional data flow, it works quickly and without problems. Child elements can not influence parent elements, which increases application performance and reduces the risk of errors.

React is supported by Meta and the community

React JS gets continuous support from Meta – React development is led by a small dedicated team working full-time at Meta(Facebook). It also receives contributions from people all over the world.

On top of that, React JS has a very large community involved in the project. This means the availability of ready-made solutions for the library. They provide a wide range of components to be used in your new project, shortening the time of their development.

React helps to save time and money

React JS is a component-based library. This means the code modules forms closed units and do not require developers to know their internal code. They can use ready-made components and shorten their working time(and reduce project costs), i.e. developers can use pre-made input functions that format given data.
At the same time, developing components would also mean easier management of updates, modifications and fixes. Individual components are isolated, and changes made on one will not affect other components.


React JS is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, has a huge community and development team, and is a great tool for creating interactive applications. If you are unsure about mobile applications – React allows sharing elements with React Native(a library for developing native mobile applications). This improves the work on the mobile version of the application – yet again saving development costs.

If you are looking for a website application built on React JS or Native Android and iOS applications, LET’S TALK!!

By Andrius on 2022-10-24